What is the Nature of Man-woman Love

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What is the Nature of Man-woman Love


What you are referring to as love is basically the sweetness of your emotion. The man-woman thing is a compulsive love affair. Nature is pushing you towards each other because nature is interested in only one thing – perpetuating herself.  This is a compulsive need. This is one love affair that is chemically supported by nature.

For most of these love affairs, unfortunately, once the chemistry runs out, they wonder why the hell they are together. So, before the chemistry runs out, you are supposed to establish a different level of conscious love affair which is beyond the chemistry. If that doesn’t happen, it turns ugly.

If you have to really be with somebody, you have to give up a part of yourself in some way. So, the English expression, “falling in love,” is very significant. You can only fall into it. You can’t stand in it, you can’t climb in it – you have to fall into it. One who thinks too much of himself cannot be in a love affair. Somewhere, you have to surrender a part of yourself to be in a love affair.

“Man and woman” are two compulsions. Two compulsions can never live together. The more identified you are with your sexuality, the more compulsive you will become. When you are compulsive, naturally you will step over many people. Once you start stepping on each other, there will be trouble. If you do not identify yourself too much with your womanhood or manhood and if you just walk as a piece of life, you will see that it is such a minor part of your life. You do not have to structure your life around it.

You should stop being a man or woman all the time. You don’t have to carry your manhood or womanhood 24 hours of the day. ~ Sadhguru

So much of your potential would find expression if you just do not get too identified with your sexuality. People would become so much more creative and so much more capable of various things that they have not imagined.


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